Programs PROVEN to Improve Your BOTTOM LINE!

Offer CDC-based Diabetes Programs to Employees as a Health Benefit!


  • Total health care and related costs for the treatment of diabetes run about $245 billion annually.
  • Of this total, $176 billion is spent on direct medical costs for hospitalizations, medical care, treatment and supplies, and other costs.
  • The other $69 billion covers indirect medical costs such as disability payments, time lost from work, and premature death.

PREVENTION and MANAGEMENT offered in the Workplace is the SOLUTION!

How We Can Help

We offer a targeted, ONLINE SOLUTION that combines our CDC-trained Diabetes Coaches and our PROVEN CDC-based curriculum!

The Process

  • We assess your employee population with a comprehensive, HIPA-Compliant, Health Risk Appraisal.
  • Employees identified with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are offered participation in our programs.
  • Our coaches lead your employees, week-by-week, through our innovative process, leading to POSITIVE CHANGE!

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