Sugar Burn

A FULL LIFE with Type 2 Diabetes IS Possible!

An Innovatiive Series of Programs Focused on T2 DIABETES REVERSAL!

Created by a Health Coach with DIABETES!

The Facts Pharmaceutical Companies DON’T want you to know…

The EFFECTS of Type 2 Diabetes CAN BE REVERSED!
DIET & EXERCISE can reduce or eliminate medication!
Making SMALL lifestyle changes = BIG benefits!
Measurable improvements can occur QUICKLY!

The Program

SUGAR BURN is a series of innovative programs created by Health Coach Tony Rodriguez
Tony was successful at reversing the EFFECTS of type 2 diabetes and his strategies, combined with evidence-based research, are the foundation of SUGAR BURN! 

SUGAR BURN – DIGITAL Health Coaching

This new program offers health coaching delivered to you via text messaging and email. Our exclusive health-coaching APP tracks personalized health behaviors, connects you with your coach, keeps you accountable, and more.


SUGAR BURN – The Podcast

SUGAR BURN – The Podcast is a FREE, weekly, online broadcast, hosted by Tony Rodriguez, that has one goal – to make the road to diabetes reversal a successful one! It will offer “actionable” topics and feature guests that have reversed their diabetes!



SUGAR BURN – Small Group Coaching

This program offers the benefits  of one-to-one health coaching without the high cost! Clients meet online in a small group (3-8) of other clients each week with their coach to create and implement their personalized action plan.


SUGAR BURN – The Course

This 6 week program is a unique combination of an online course and health coaching. The course content is delivered to you in short, daily audio clips, hosted by Tony, in addition to PDF documentation that reflects the weeks’ lesson.